Zulu King insulted by Winehouse

The more romantically-minded of you might imagine a scene from the classic Rodger's & Hammerstein musical 'The King and I' when you hear about King Goodwill Zwelithini of the South African zulu nation being a guest of honour in a London restaurant. It's an image preferable to Amy Winehouse snogging the face of her fella and falling asleep during his speech, which is exactly what happened on Wednesday, OK Magazine reports.

Having been invited to speak at the opening of the new Shaka Zulu eaterie in London, the Zulu monarch was faced with the cringe-worthy sight of Amy and her man Reg chewing each other's faces off all evening, after knocking back a substantial amount of grog. Then, when the guest of honour was making his speech to mark the event, Amy passed out, to the horror of all who were attending the event.

'It was embarrassing. Amy was in a state. People were cringing', notes one onlooker.'She completely insulted the king during his speech. Amy showed no respect.'

No free holidays to South Africa for you then, Amy.

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