Zoe pie-eye-balled

Ladette culture may have had its hey-day but the forerunner of the movement, Zoe Ball is still dredging up memories of her time as a wannabee bloke. The one-time Breakfast Radio Queen (or should that be, King) tells Shortlist Magazine that she turned up to work high as a kite from the night before while presenting the show from Ibiza. Unlike most people, who would have been zombified on a sunlounger for the remainder of the day, Zoe crawled into 'the office' and gallantly described to listeners a typical summer in Ibiza. Clue: it was messy.

‘I remember turning up one day looking at the clock and trying to say it’s ten past seven – and all the words came out in the wrong order. So something had to give. I know the bosses were a bit concerned about my health – and my mental health. I could hardly speak. As the show finished and my high from the night before started to fade, I looked around at the Radio 1 people and thought: ‘I might get the sack.

While Zoe managed to dodge her inevitable sacking for a whole two years (she presented the show from 1998 to 2000), in the end she showed herself out. 'I just think it was time to go. Now I look back and think who walks away from the Radio 1 Breakfast Show. It was huge. Perhaps I should have sobered up a bit and carried on.’

Oooh, being sober at work - good trick. We might even try it....

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