Zane Lowe throws Kate Moss out of Ibiza DJ booth

Poor Kate Moss. She's been desperate for a crack of the music whip for years now, but noone, and we mean noone wants to take a chance on her. Least of all any well established acts in the Brit music scene who are out in Ibiza trying to look desperately cool.

Yup. Kate Moss rubbed Zane Lowe up the wrong way at the weekend by trying to muscle her way into his DJ booth during his set at Amnesia. Back in the UK Zane and Kate are pals - so she thought it would be no biggy to wriggle in the booth and have a bit of a 'look at me' dance for her adoring crowds on the Baleriac island. But her usually amiable Kiwi friend, was having none. Zane didn't want to be disturbed by the demanding supermodel in the middle of his set, and had his security team haul her out of the VIP pit.

"Kate's been pestering Zane to go on his radio show, so when she saw him in Ibiza she thought she'd seize the chance to join him on stage. Zane likes Kate, but his minders took exception to her trying to get into the DJ box and told her to leave because she was making a nuisance of herself." (The Daily Mail)

So far in her rocker bedding career, Pete Doherty's been the only one to ever willingly let her get up on stage with him and have a bit of a sing song. Even Jamie Hince won't have her anywhere near The Kills (on orders from Alison Mosshart). Time for La Moss to resign herself to being a lowly clotheshorse?

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