You've Reidy done it now...

Alex Reid has had a fairly murky past, it seems; there's the cage-fighting, the Roxanne alter-ego, and now it transpires that the former hubby of Katie Price was arrested for drug-smuggling. Alex was the owner of a yacht in the South of France, which was seized containing 62 kilos of funny business. While Alex was eventually freed without charge, his two pals were sent to the clink.

Meanwhile, Reid has put yachts out of his mind, and is apparently angry with his former wife, 'Alex is convinced she never loved him and just used him to make her ex-husband Peter Andre jealous. He's seething at her statement and is adamant that he'll get every penny out of her he's owed and ensure the world knows the truth over their marriage. He's told friends that Katie's still obsessed with Pete and changed completely when she learned about his relationship with Elen Rivas.'

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