You've gotta have faith

Another star banged up for crossing the line, another story of their hard time dealing with prison life. Yes, after Lindsay Lohan’s soul-crushing week in the clink, we now have George Michael’s first night of an eight-week stretch in north London’s Pentonville, in which he was seen crying and emotional after being put on the same wing as the paedophiles. Not pleasant.

Despite the fact that the move to the wing no-one wants to be associated with is probably best for his own personal safety, it’s not hard to see how the move from cannabis-clouded numbness to the vagaries of life surrounded by child molesters could take their toll on anyone, let alone a pop star.

‘When he went to use a payphone in the communal area he was hunched over it - distraught and in tears,’ said a prison insider who was presumably paid to talk by The Sun. ‘He was whispering and very emotional.

‘George was bombarded with mickey-taking songs from the cons. He was crying as they sang, ‘You've got to have faith’ at him. They are desperate to get him out of Pentonville as there are some pretty nasty characters locked up there. But the options are limited.’

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