You're twisting our melon man

Shaun Ryder was once the byword for pushing drug and alcohol abuse to the extremes. Him and his mate Bez, who has since rehabilitated himself into a reality show star, as well as band dancer for the Happy Mondays, were notorious not only for their ground-breaking fusion of club house and pop but for the volume of illegal substances that they could consume.

Alas, those days are gone and ever since Blake Grape finished Shaun has slowly slipped into the pipe and slippers mode of the middle-aged man. Just take a look, for instance, at this image of the man at his wedding, complete with comedy side parting and thick-rimmed glasses, not to mention the 1970s style old man suit. It’s hard to work out whether he’s an old man, or whether he’s regressed back to being a toddler and letting his mum comb his hair.

Never mind Shaun, the gone-to-seed Curly Watts look is sure to be hot this season, just you watch.

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