You're s*** aaaaaaahhhhh!

Horne and Corden's troubles continue. Not only is everything they do in the wake of Gavin and Stacy turning into absolute turd, but now their peers are stepping in with their size tens and putting the boot in. Well one of them is anyway. Step forward acting heavyweight Danny Dyer.

'Mathew Horne is one of the worst actors I've ever seen in my life,' said Dyer, while trying to sell a passer by some fruit. 'Corden's obviously OK but Mathew was terrible in The Catherine Tate Show.

'He's just got nothing about him, the geezer. No substance and no depth. It annoys me a bit that no one's clocked that.

'I'm not trying to do anyone out of a pound note, I just think they're s**t. Mat is absolute rubbish.' Dyer is in talks to star in thesp-fest Eastenders, by the way.

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