You're rubbish

You can always count on Simon Cowell to be a hard taskmaster: when you’ve created TV shows that mean serious amounts of money in your bank account, you’re not going to allow any lollygagging, are you?

So it’s hardly a surprise to see that he’s told his underlings that they will have to do two full dress rehearsals before the broadcast of this weekend’s X Factor final, after he told them that he wasn’t very happy with the standard of the semi-final shows.

‘Simon made it clear everything has to be perfect,’ said a source to The Mirror. ‘He wants everything to run like clockwork, especially after the controversy last weekend.

‘We are all in doing a full day and night on Friday now as well as working flat-out all weekend. He told the singers and us to raise our game for the final. It will be exhausting but we can pull it off.’

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