You're not the one that she wants!

Olivia Newton-John's daughter must be feeling pretty shocked and stunned today having being forced to dramatically call off her planned nuptuals with her fiance, after she found out that he was already married. Oops. Chloe Lattanzi, an aspiring singer who lives in LA, had the bombshell dropped on her just days before the wedding by concerned friends. Nice, but perhaps they could have passed on this fairly significant information before the engagement was announced. Celebs, eh?

A source told The Daily Mail, 'Chloe is devastated and so is her mum. She's had to deal with so much emotional turmoil already in her life, and everyone was thrilled that she finally seemed to find happiness. Olivia is very protective of her daughter and wants to make sure she does not get hurt than she already is. Right now she is not in that place, especially because of this very balanced relationship she's in (with James Driskill). In fact, I think she is able to express herself about these dark places with more confidence.'

The Newton-John family have already had their fair share of romantic upheaval. Two years ago Olivia's then husband went missing while on a boating trip. He later reappeared, having fled the scene to avoid financial debts. Olivia's daughter Chloe has found fame after starring in controversial music videos involving suicide and self-harm.

James had apparently ended his marriage five years ago, but 'never got round' to organising a divorce. The wedding is now postponed until next year.

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