'You're not talkin' to me'

Poor Alex Reid, it's been a while since we heard from the orange-hued cagefighter, and it's a shame that when he does pop up, it's in fairly embarassing circs. Apparently Reid is in Cannes; y'know, just chilling with film industry big wigs, and he happened across iconic movie legend Robert De Niro in the Hotel du Cap. Obviously the perfect man to chew the fat with, swapping film stories and method acting tips. Right? Er, very wrong. Reid was promptly escorted away from De Niro, and found himself on the end of a big ol' snub.

A source told The Sun, 'Alex clearly knows no shame and toddled over to introduce himself. He looked genuinely shocked when they waved him away. I think he was expecting to be invited to sit down. Staff had to tell him to move on. It was priceless.'

According to Alex's reps, the Celeb BB victor has apparently lined up auditions in a couple of mockney crime capers. Yep, he's sure to hit the big time any day now...

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