You're no ready

We’ve heard some slightly disturbing things in our time, but a nearly 30-year-old woman being stopped from seeing her boyfriend by her dad because ‘you’re no ready for a boyfriend’ has be right up there in the creepy stakes.

Alas, that’s how it was for poor old Susan Boyle, who was in her late 20s and seeing some bloke called John. They hadn’t even progressed past pecking each other on the cheek when her father decided enough was enough, and then explained to her that she ‘wasn’t mature enough’ for a relationship, even one that had absolutely no sexual tension in it whatsoever.

‘In my late 20s I had a boyfriend for seven weeks,’ explains SuBo in her autobiography 'The Woman I Was Born To Be'. ‘He was called John. I met him at a wedding and it was the first time I was involved with anyone, because I was always frightened of guys, but he was very kind.

‘It was a chaste relationship that never went further than holding hands and a peck on the cheek. But when I held his hand, I knew it was a different feeling from holding my mother's hand, and when he pecked me on the cheek it wasn't like my brother giving me a kiss, because the touch of my boyfriend's lips lingered on my skin for hours.

‘One day I was upstairs when the phone rang. My dad got to it first. 'She doesnae want to talk to you,' he said and put down the receiver. 'Who was that?' I asked him. 'You're no ready for a boyfriend, hen!' said my dad.’

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