You're fired (already)

Trainee stockbroker and the biggest, most vacuous noise machine on reality TV edit-fest The Apprentice Ben Clarke has already proved that he is impossible to work with by being from his previous job – for boasting about going on The Apprentice.

'As soon as he knew he had been selected to audition for The Apprentice, he became unbearable,' said a probably jealous colleague at hopefully soon to be defunct investment bank Brewin Dolphin.'He would swagger around the office like he was a master of the universe. He’d tuck his thumbs under his braces and strut about. He kept saying, "I’m leaving you losers and going to win The Apprentice".

'Then the bosses found out - and he was sent packing.' If anyone who watches the irritating yuppy tits could let us know when he crashes and burns that would be great.

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