'Your boobs are looking great today'

Vernon's text pal, page 3 girl Rhian Sugden has spilled the beans on what went on between her and Family Fortunes presenter Vernon Kay and, forgive us for letting him off the hook lightly - perhaps we're suffering from sext-ing fatigue - but the texts hardly seem earth shatteringly explicit.

Rhian recounts the story of their relationship to Heat magazine, 'It was just harmless banter to begin with. He said 'Hello fellow Boltoner' and we started speaking about places we both knew...We spoke every day on e-mail or text,' she says. It wasn’t always full-on – sometimes it would be, ‘What you doing?’ or he’d talk about boring things like the fact that he once used to clean telephone boxes.'

'Er, 'Cleaning telephone boxes', is that a euphemism?

Rhian continues, 'The flirty days would happen when I had my picture in the paper. He’d say, 'You looked hot and sexy,' or 'Your boobs are looking great today'. It was inappropriate stuff, but nothing as bad as people are thinking. The only pictures I ever sent were of me on Page 3, and that’s because he would text saying he hadn’t seen the paper that day. After that I couldn’t even bear to watch Family Fortunes in the same room as my mum and dad.'

We can't bear to watch Family Fortunes in any room...

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