Younger & prettier

The only thing to remember before accepting a Chanel modelling gig is that pretty soon you'll be dropped for the next English Rose on the block. Keira Knightley for example, has just been bumped aside for Harry Potter ingenue, Emma Watson.

Keira was stripped of the crown after Chanel top brass realised how pretty Emma looked wearing Chanel at red carpet dos around the world. The French fashion house have offered Watson £3 million to front the brand for the next 3 years after being satisfied that she has indeed morphed from a plain Jane teenager into a 'beautiful young movie star'.

All of which must make the £500,000 they paid Keira for a year fronting the fragrance Coco Chanel look a little insulting.

Emma will need to have her wits about her though, fronting Chanel is a poisened chalice...

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