You'll breaky your poor dad's achy heart, Miley

Over the past year, Miley Cyrus has been working hard to jettison her squeaky clean persona, and create, in its place a more raunchy 'Miley Mark 2'. Well, these attempts have been given a pretty spectacular boost in the last few days, as a video has surfaced of Miley at a wrap party last year, aged 16, giving a commendably energetic lap dance to 45 year old 'So you think you can dance' judge, Adam Shankman.

The Daily Mail has reacted with predictable fury, saying, 'It's not the first time the teenage star has attracted controversy. In April 2008, she did a raunchy shoot for Vanity Fair, where she posed with just a bedsheet. And her performance at the Teen Choice Awards last August made headlines after she danced along a pole on top of an ice-cream cart.'

Horror! An 'ice-cream cart'? Whatever next...

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