You wouldn't Lindsay Know-han

So a freshly ankle-tagged Lindsay Lohan is 'loving being clean'. Despite being carted to an LA court straight from a wild few days in Cannes, her only vices these days are fizzy pop and copious pints of the clear stuff. She tweets: 'Red Bull and Waters and Work - my new bff's hehe - everyone should try it! It's more fun - you'll see :) x'. Top marks to the Mean Girl (though we'll stick to the martinis.) On a different note, photos of the star are getting weirder by the day....

Lindsay appears to have fallen foul of Heidi Montag syndrome. Heidi Montag (in case you don't obsessively monitor scurrilous celeb goings-on), is the 24 year old reality star who looked like a 24 year old until she put her entire face and body under the scalpel and emerged as a 40 year old Caprice. Just like Heidi, Lindsay's lips are plumping of their own accord, there's a curiously stretched back stare and, as for the overarched eyebrows - two words: David Gest.

Hot girl celebs - why?

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