You slipped up Ronan

Dizzee Rascal has come up with an idea that would have stopped Ronan Keating having to go through the whole rigmarole of shelving his band's album release and spending hour after hour trying to patch up his marriage: don’t get married, and shag about while on tour with impunity! Now why has no-one else thought of that?

‘I ain't married yet. So why not? I've got the whole world to work through,’ said Dizzee in a rather lengthy interview with The Sun. ‘I like all kinds of women... as long as they are pretty. I'm on a mission. Ronan Keating's mistake was getting married and still trying to have fun. It always happens on tour.

‘I'm in no rush to settle down. I'm single and having the time of my life. I'd like kids and a solid family later. Even as a kid I was popular with girls. I've never had any problem getting girls. But it's just got easier. Now I get more variety. It has multiplied beyond belief.

‘I generally pull on a night out. It's mayhem now wherever I go. I just get on with it and dance with loads of girls, lots of complete strangers. It's all love. And that's what helps to write my songs. It all comes from going out raving.’

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