'You shouldn't even be alive'

Few things are funnier than a completely unprovoked attack from one showbiz luvvy dahling to another. Well, ok, that’s not true at all; there are loads of things funnier than that, but when the attack is so marvellously out of nowhere, and so incredibly harsh, for no apparent reason at all, it is pretty funny.

Take Louis Walsh for instance, who has said that Bruce Forsyth is too old to be doing showbiz any more. Written like that, it’s fair enough: after all, Brucie is 82 years old, and you could make a case for the man to finally take off the sharp suits and slide on the pipe and slippers (he did also slag off The X Factor, saying it's ‘not entertainment’). However, saying that he's ‘finished’ while he's hosting one of the most popular shows on British television, and ‘he shouldn't even be alive’? Harsh words, Louis.

‘Brucie is too old,’ said Walsh to the Evening Standard. ‘He’s from a different era. He shouldn't even be alive at his age. He doesn't know anything about young people or modern entertainment. His time is finished.’

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