You say it best, when you say nothing at all...

What is it with our idols of yesteryear and affairs? Okay, so Ronan Keating was not exactly an idol, but we definitely had a poster of him on our wall... And what with him and little Mark Owen (the little is obligatory in all MO references) both looking and acting like innocent cherubs, while doing the dirty behind respective wifeys backs - we just don't know what to think.

Ronan has apparently been engaging in 'extra rehearsals' with one his dancers for seven months, and now his wife Yvonne has left him. Meanwhile, a brave Ronan had to soldier on last night - performing four times in one evening. Our Rone, saying nothing, let his fists do the talking and repeatedly beat his chest, in a manly expression of sorrow. That'll do the trick!

A 'dancer' (dancers appear to be central to this little tale) told the Daily Mail, 'We've hardly seen him and he's hardly said a word. As soon as he came off stage on Saturday, he just said 'God, that was tough - I just want to go home'.' While a source said, 'Everyone remains hopeful that Yvonne and Ronan might be able to repair things. It is going to be a long way back, but they have three children and we hope they can make it work for their sake.'

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