You say it best...

If you're trying to woo back your wife after an ill-advised affair, and flowers and wine don't do the trick, take a leaf out of Ronan Keating's book, and try writing your apology in the sleeve notes for your latest album. Ronan and his wife Yvonne remain estranged, but are currently trying to patch up their marriage.

According to The Daily Mail, Ronan wrote in the notes for his latest album, 'You are the most incredible, inspirational woman I have ever met. For the mistakes I have made in my life, I am sorry. Guess you have to go there to come back. It was a dark place and you were the light to bring me back. I love you.’

Yvonne has apparently told her close friends that she is still 'devastated' by Keating's infidelity, and that the affair was not ‘just sex, it was emotional.’ Looks like Ronan might have to do a bit better than grovelling via sleeve notes.

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