'You little sh...', oh dear

It’s always nice to have a little look at some true behind the scenes celebrity tittle-tattle, not the stage-managed rows in newspapers, but the rude emails that end up being leaked because they’re so funny. Sort of like Giles Coren’s childish rant at a Guardian sub-editor for making one of his articles finish on an unstressed syllable, the pampered foodie.

The latest in this long and proud line of email–related mishaps is the BBC producer who sent a message to 60 members of staff that Ronnie Corbett was a ‘little s**t’ after the 79-year-old actor cancelled an appearance on The One Show. Which amusing though it might have been, sent that particular editor (Doug Carnegie) scurrying for the backtrack button after it got leaked.

‘He did make the comment in the heat of the moment and he has apologised to Ronnie unreservedly,’ said a representative from The One Show. Bah, is that all? Public grovelling is the absolute minimum after insulting a pensioner. Didn't these people see what happen to Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross last year?

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