You humiliated me, Cowell

A Britain’s Got Talent reject has decided that her ‘humiliation’ at the hands of Simon Cowell et al is deserving of a £2.5million payout, and she is suing the show in order to get her hands on it.

Last year Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai appeared on the talent show and was roundly laughed at for her apparent lack of singing ability, which was paired with an inconsistent level of self-belief. Her rendition of Westlife’s You Raise Me Up was so wide of the mark that the crowd chanted ‘Off, off, off’ at her, and Cowell told her that she had ‘a really horrible singing voice’. All of which was fair enough - it is a talent contest. However, perhaps the producers were a little bit naughty in setting her up for such a slating - they obviously already knew from the first round auditions that she wasn't the most polished performer in the world....

Anyway, now the 53-year-old is saying that the show has made her a target for ‘ridicule and hate’, and she wants the following: £1.25million in lost earnings; £1million compensation and £300,000 for ‘injuries’. You can judge for yourself whether she’s got a case or not, by checking out the video below (we're not sure she has).

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