You are the weakest link...goodbye

It’s the Tuesday after the X-Factor before and like clockwork another ratings driven PR story about a contestant threatening to quit has popped up; this time it’s Welsh cry baby Lloyd Daniels.

Exactly this time last week, a story was doing the rounds that Danyl Johnson had stormed out of the karaoke contest over a song choice. Well according to The Daily Mail, Lloyd is toying with the idea of doing the same.

'Lloyd is on the verge of walking after judge Louis Walsh said ‘I can't believe Lloyd is still here’ on the Sunday results show. Apparently Lloyd told producers after the show; ‘I'm going, I can't carry on.’

If you suspect that the story is a load of made up balls, don't. The paper has also quoted a reliable show insider who backs up the claim: ‘Lloyd was in a terrible state after the show. It has got a bit too much for him. Being told that you belong in the bottom two is devastating for any of the contestants and Lloyd is really young’.

Guess we’ll all have to watch this week’s X-Factor, again, to see if the rumours are true or not. GGGrrrr. The spindoctors did it again....

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