Yet more Terry revelations

England captain John Terry is set to have a load more of his dirty laundry washed in public from the looks of it. The Mirror have claimed that the Chelsea man, who will learn whether he keeps the armband after he has spoken to Fabio Capello, was bumping uglies with a another Premier League star’s wife.

The mum-of-three, who has been married for several years has apparently never confessed the affair to her husband, although it doesn’t look like she and Terry are still involved. The internet has been throbbing with JT-related sex chat, and it seems the tabloid press are about to give it to him with both barrels. Terry's wife Toni Poole has said that she's sticking with him, regardless of what he's done.

‘John has done this before and it now seems inevitable it will all come out,’ said an insider to the Red Top. ‘There is a free and easy culture around some parts of the game when it comes to sex. He was part of that gang.’

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