Yet another Jodie Marsh fashion disaster

Another premiere another Jodie Marsh fashion disaster. If the 29-year-old glamour model has a personal stylist they either need to get their eyes tested or they are having a laugh at the Z-list celebrity's expense.

Last night Ms. Marsh turned up at a movie premiere wearing an all too revealing black lycra catsuit which displayed a new tattoo on her midriff featuring the word 'porn'. Classy. The fact that the skimpy jump suit managed to keep Jodie's ample chesticles aloft must put it down as one of the greatest feats of modern engineering.

But it's clear that for Marsh all publicity is good publicity, and once again her woeful fashion sense has led to her stealing the spotlight from the other celebs in attendance. Although that's not that hard a task when the competition is made up of Dwain Chambers, Rebecca Loos and former EastEnder actor Ray Panthaki .

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