Yet another dream

Dream dream dream. It has been banned by anyone involved in the Simon Cowell-inspired pop music totalitarian state we call the United Kingdom to write any sort of article about Susan Boyle without making some kind of reference to I Dreamed A Dream, and how wonderful it is that someone who is a bit ugly can sing quite well (and therefore relate to music hating middle class housewives), as though female talent rises exactly in proportion with physical good looks, and Susan Boyle has smashed some kind of hole in the fabric of reality.

Anyway, at the very least SuBo seems like a nice enough lady, and it’s certainly nice to see someone nice do well for once. As such, she’s filmed her own TV special (Called I Dreamed A Dream, obviously), with celebrity and former newspaper muck-raker Piers Morgan standing nearby trying to get some reflected positive juju from the whole affair. During it, she sung with her heroine Elaine Paige, which by all accounts made her quite happy.

‘I never thought I'd see myself standing on the same stage with such an icon from the West End theatre, let alone singing with her as an equal,’ said a modest SuBo. ‘I've really enjoyed myself and I'm really enjoying the show. I don't want the dream to end. In fact I want it to become a reality.’ You’ve got the fastest selling debut album of all time for a female, and you want more? Is a Mariah Carey style diva set coming? No, probably not.

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