Yeah, thanks mum...

It's the age old conundrum for mothers. You want to give your daughter advice on love and boyfriends, and so forth. Yet you've been given a restraining order, which means you can't physically meet or speak to said daughter. Ah, well the solution is simple - tweet your advice to your offspring. That way she can read the advice, and your many thousands of followers can too. But of course!

Courtney Love bombarded poor Frances Bean with tweets after seeing pictures of her at the Coachella festival with a boy. Here follows a small selection of Love's missives, 'last of my twitter relapse, bean i saw you at coachella with isaihia in a pic he looks sweet and like your dad actually.hope alls well. i hope he takes care of you and you look beuatiful even thoiugh you have an angry furrow i think thats called your 'lawyer lie' furrow! sorry to state this publically but i wont stand accused of such implications or tolerate making 3 on worst mothers list. thanks to this, no.'

'and if as a MAN he doesnt treat you like the GOddess you ARE. cut it, lastly i miss you more than anyone has ever missed anyone.so much. im going to chant now ill pribably delete half of these but the boy stuff you need to hear only from me, wendy is too boycrazy.'

Is that all clear? Good...We hope Wendy takes heed too, whoever she may be.

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