Yawn...Peaches gets some shuteye

Given that there is a long list of reasons as to why the media and general public get pretty peeved with Peaches Geldof, you'd think she'd try to stay at least a little bit compos mentis when being interviewed. No such luck. The Boomtown brat apparently got so bored of Ferne Cotton's questioning when the pair were in the back of cab recently that she took the opportunity to grab some shuteye. Despite the fact that Fearne wasn't asking Peaches questions because she actually cared - it was an interview for an ITV 2 show, Peaches failed to respond and when Fearne took a closer look, she realised that the celebrity spawn was kipping.

A source said: "They say there's no rest for the wicked - but that obviously doesn't apply to Peaches. Poor old Fearne was asking her a few questions then noticed she had stopped answering. She looked over and realised that Peaches was fast asleep."

Quite rightfully, Fearne was peeved. "It was a bit embarrassing for Fearne who immediately thought her questions had bored her so much she had to get some shut-eye. But it was just Peaches' wild partying catching up with her."

Oh well that's alright then. Note to Peaches, if you fall asleep during an interview in the real world then you don't get called back....Does this mean producers will drop her from the show? Yeeees please.

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