Yanks prefer Louis to Cheryl in X Factor judging line up

We're mightily suspicious that Louis's PR had a hand in leaking this, but according to sources, Cheryl Cole is currently faring badly in the race to win a place on the US XFactor panel. Yes, Louis's twinkly Oirish charm has bedazzled the producers, and left our Geordie belle trailing.

'Everyone presumes Cheryl will get offered the job because she looks the part. But during test screenings they did struggle with her accent. They absolutely loved Louis though. Anything Irish they adore and they think he is a right character who would work really well. It might surprise a few people over here that they would consider Louis over Cheryl, but there is a huge Irish community. They can relate to Louis more than Cheryl. They saw her as another pretty pop girl which they have plenty of their own already.'

Just 'another pretty pop girl'? You'd think the Yanks hadn't seen our Chezza climb Kilimanjaro, or bravely perform 'Fight For This Love' at the Brits after Ashley's betrayal. Iconic moments, each and every one. Don't worry Cheryl, you're better off with us.

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