X-Factor's going Stateside, defo!

Simon Cowell has opened up his pearly whites and revealed more details about a mooted American version of The X-Factor.

Reports started doing the rounds last week that the karaoke contest was going to go global with a whole series based live in Las Vegas for the world to watch on the internet via a pay per view subscription. Syco has now played down these rumours, but still insisted it will still go Stateside.

Talking on Newsnight - yes Newsnight, he said: ‘The show is not going to be in Las Vegas. The guys who produce the shows want it be in Los Angeles, so it will be in Los Angeles. Maybe we will do a couple of shows in Vegas - the final shows. X Factor has to go to America. These shows are shown in 20, 30 countries, so you have a local version. To not make the X Factor in the biggest market in the world would be crazy.’


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