X-Factor round-up

You probably already saw the X-Factor at the weekend, but just in case you had better things to do, here’s the full skinny on who went, who stayed and that now infamous pineapple stage invasion.

The theme this week were songs by Queen - and we’re not talking the National Anthem. 80s musical rock gods Brian May and Roger Taylor were the mentors for the contestants. Jamie Afro (Archer) was as giddy as a school boy when he met his idol, which didn’t quite explain why he was dressed in an AC/DC t-shirt? The other hopefuls enjoyed their rockstar tips, even if they were bemused as to who they were coming from.

After last week's voting fiasco that saw Mr Nasty saving the act he has vocally despised all series - John & Edward, while packing the talented Lucie Jones off to the job centre, it was a moment of irony when he found his act Jamie Afro taken to deadlock with tweeny girls' fave Lloyd Daniels. Justice prevailed and Jamie lovingly nicknamed on Twitter as ‘getajob’ was this week's reject.

The Saturday live show was a a masterclass in karaoke mediocrity, with none of the contestants up to the task of competently covering a Queen classic. The only highlight from the evening was the act everyone was once again talking about: Jedward - and they didn’t disappoint. Their rendition of ‘Under Pressure’ complete with Vanilla Ice’s ‘Ice Ice Baby’ rap was met with the biggest cheers and jeers from the studio audience. But the talking point of the performance was a live stage invasion from Scots dancebot Calvin Harris, who charged the stage midsong grabbing John or Edward (hard to tell which) with a pineapple on his head. It was truly BRILLIANT, even if the judges chose to ignore it in their post performance comments.

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