X-Factor Round-Up

There’s one question everyone will be asking whilst hanging around water coolers this morning...what the effing and jeffing hell was Simon Cowell playing at on the X-Factor last night?

If you missed it, Welsh lass Lucie Jones and Twin Towers John & Edward were in the bottom two after the public vote. Each were forced to perform in the sing-off with the best performance as perceived by the judges being the act that would stay. Lucie was first up with ‘One More Time' followed by Jedward with ‘Rock DJ’. Louis, predictably voted for the twins to stay, while Dannii and Cheryl voted for Lucie. The final casting vote was left to Simon:

"Tricky one," he said when he was asked for his decision. "I'm not surprised by the way both of you are in the bottom two. Having said that, I don't think either of you can win. I think Lucie, my problem is I believe there's a ceiling and with John & Edward we've had some horrific performances. Having said that who would I rather see again? I'd probably rather see the boys. I got a lot of stick last week for taking it down to the public vote. I'm going to do it again. I'm going to let the public decide."

After the jeers and cheers from the studio audience, the envelope was opened and it was revealed Lucie was to go and Jedward were to stay. If you think Simon did the wrong thing you're wrong, it's a an entertainment show and if Jedward went there'd be no entertainment. Fact. So, er, well done Simon.

Watch Jedward (shouldn’t it be Jodward anyway? Or technically speaking Twanker?) perform Ghostbusters on the Saturday show as part of ‘Movie Theme Week’...

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