X-Factor public phone votes leaked

If you were a betting man you’d put your hard earned wanga on Stacey Solomon to win The X-Factor and John & Edward to be the next to go, but according to leaked public phone voting figures you’d be very wrong. The Sun have managed to sneak a look at who the public are racking up their phone bills for and the Twins Grimm are top of the votes.

"It is extraordinary. John & Edward were miles ahead of any other act. Whoever wins the X Factor, you can usually guarantee they can sing” said their insider who saw last weekend’s votes. "If John and Edward win, it will no longer be a show about great singers - it could be disastrous. But you know what? It could happen."

Louis Walsh who mentors the groups, and therefore the evil twins unbiasedly said; "Kids love these guys - everywhere I go they come up to me and tell me they think they're great. They're young, they're fun and they have the likeability factor, which is what this show is all about. I know some don't like them, but they should back off and leave them alone. They put a smile on your face - what's wrong with that?"

As vomit inducing as Jedward are, they are the most entertaining double act on telly worth phoning in for, excluding Babestation of course.

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