XFactor leak?

For the last two weeks in a row, XFactor contestants have been told in advance that they received the least number of votes. Not by Dermot with his shiny gold envelope, but by Twitter. XFactor insiders are now concerned that there may be a leak, or a mole. Or a leaky mole.

Cher's father told the tabloids, 'We were tipped off in the morning. It was leaked on Twitter. We were hoping it was lies but unfortunately it was not. I called Cher and told her. She was upset but was determined not to let it affect her performance. An XFactor source denied the rumours, saying, 'People make lots of unfounded predictions on the internet about the order of the contestants based on various popularity polls. There is not a leak.’

According to other chatty insiders, Cher's ordeal last week has severely dented her confidence, Cher is mentally exhausted, she’s having a terrible week. ‘She didn’t make it onto the opening of Xtra Factor on Sunday because she was a mess backstage, when she did come on she was still sobbing. She doesn’t get on with the other finalists that much anyway, so she doesn’t have that many people to talk to. Her mentor Cheryl tries to help, but now she is getting guidance from a counselor.’

With a few weeks to go until the XFactor final, the pressure is only going to intensify...

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