XFactor Katie wants to go...

The strain of being the 'quirky one on XFactor' who everyone has an opinion about, is starting to take its toll for Katie Waissel. After reading some unflattering media commentary about herself, the XFactor hopeful is threatening to leave the show.

A source told the Daily Mail,'Katie is on the brink – she’s a drama queen at the best of times – but she just feels like she can’t go on. She told producers and spoke to Simon Cowell and Cheryl Cole and they are both trying to get her to stay. But as outgoing and quirky as she is, she’s only human and she is in tears over the bullying tactics people are using to get her out of the show.

The chatty source continued, 'She collapsed in tears on Monday night, she hasn’t been eating or sleeping. Then to cap it all, her voice has gone and she went to see a doctor who told her she had to rest and put her on antibiotics. We had no option but to allow her to go home for the evening - she’s not allowed to stay at home, but she had dinner with her parents.’

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