XFactor high drama

As the XFactor wagon heads towards the home straight, the chassis is beginning to look grubby and wheels are about to fall off. (We think we'll end the metaphor there). Anyway, what we mean to say is - Matt Cardle and Zayn from One Direction both failed to perform at an XFactor official gig, leading to fears that they could miss the semi final.

Matt told The Daily Mail, 'Everything has been feeling poorly recently. I was recording earlier and it was getting very painful, so I can't sing tonight. I just have to hope it gets better for the weekend. There is not much else I can do. A source said 'Matt is in a bad way and is trying to put a brave face on it. If things don't improve he is going to really struggle for the semi-final and it could ruin his chances.'

One Direction's Zayn also missed the gig, rushing back to Bradford to deal with undisclosed issues. Bandmate Liam told the press, 'Zayn has got some personal problems so he is not here right now. We can't elaborate but we hope he is going to be ok.'

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