XFactor girls attack Cheryl

At the start of this year's XFactor, when it was announced to the girls that their mentor would be gorgeous popstrel Cheryl Cole, they collectively leapt for joy, thinking of all that stardust that would be sprinkled on them - leading to immediate fame and fortune. However, the reality is somewhat more disappointing. The XFactor female hopefuls, Katie, Rebecca and Cher, have complained to Simon that they never see their mentor, apart from a quick chat on Friday night. The other judges, in contrast, spend hours with their charges.

A source told The Daily Mail, ‘The girls did speak to Simon and complained that Cheryl spends barely any time with them. Cheryl went to Los Angeles last week, but it didn’t even matter really as she only ever really sees the girls on Fridays for a final run-through, when other judges like Dannii [Minogue] and Louis [Walsh] are working so hard – and Simon, of course, is spending all his time with One Direction. Cheryl did have the girls in for a glass of champagne on Sunday night, but they are all a little peeved, to say the least, and tensions are running high.’

Let's be honest; this is XFactor, when are tensions ever not running high?

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