XFactor enemies

Another day, another XFactor feud to get us quaking with anticipation for Saturday's show. This time it's Cher and Katie who are at loggerheads. With the amount of press attention Katie's getting at the moment (albeit negative), the other contestants must be wondering what they need to do to get noticed. Wear a strange hat and annoy everyone seems to be the current solution...

Katie's biggest fan, her good old mum told The Daily Mail, 'Katie’s not confrontational. She’s very diplomatic - if she was in a situation, she would walk away. She’s all about karma. She doesn’t like bad karma. But you’re talking about two different people: one’s 24 and one’s 17. I think you learn how to handle things in life the older you get. Katie likes her time alone. She’ll be quite happy to go into her bedroom and shut the door – it gives her inspiration to write her music when she’s like that.'

Meanwhile, a 'friend' of Cher said (and with friends like this, eh?)Cher's determined to win it, no matter what. It seems she's deliberately put a wedge between herself and the others. She's not there to make friends. Cher is very much the type to want to be the prettiest and most talented wherever she goes. She started wearing quite a lot of make-up and making her hair big because she got attention. It makes her feel...that no one can mess with her.'

Let's be honest, neither girl sounds like the ideal drinking partner down the Dog and Duck...

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