XFactor contestants turn on Wagner

With news that odds on Wagner winning XFactor have been slashed to 10/1, the other contestants are clearly getting the jitters. Matt Cardle has given an interview admitting that he can no longer hide his hatred of the Brazillian love god.

Matt revealed to X Magazine 'I just told him what I thought of him. The contestants are in a position where they feel they can’t necessarily say what they want. But I can. And Wagner annoys a LOT of people. So I went and told him exactly what I thought. Yeah I swore at him. Yeah I was rude to him but he’s rude to EVERYONE he meets.'

While Wagner hit back, saying, 'I think it’s very sad that instead of talking about themselves, they are making me even more famous. When they came to insult me in person all they wanted was for me to lose my temper.'

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