X-rated movie legend Ron Jeremy in critical condition

The porn legend and all round twinkling rogue of modern pulp culture, Ron Jeremy is in a critical condition at a Los Angeles hospital . He is undergoing multiple surgeries after an aneurysm close to his heart suddenly burst.

Jeremy is perhaps the best known porn star in history – no small feat for a man – when let’s face it, most of the audience are looking at the women. His fame went well beyond the industry and he has appeared in a huge range of music videos like LMFAO 'Sexy and I know it', TV programmes and reality shows since his career began in the 1970’s. As well as over 2000 porn films, he has acted as ‘porn consultant’ on films such as ‘Boogie Nights’, modeled many a dildo, laid down his time and expertise to help men grow a full 12 inches and landed somewhere between figure of fun and figure of fondness in public consciousness. Not looking like an Adonis doubtless helped his standing among men too.

His father Arnold was a physicist and his mother worked as both as a book editor and moonlighted in the predecessor to the CIA during World War Two. No fool he, Jeremy already had a BA under his belt in education and theater and a master's degree in special education before he decided to pursue his ... passions.

The 59-year-old drove himself to Cedars-Sinai hospital yesterday afternoon the onset of severe chest pain. His manager Mike Esterman said that “he just felt chest pains, like a very heavy weight… He is being worked on for an aneurysm near his heart. He has come out of his 2nd surgery and he was informed that everything went smoothly.'

'Ron is now resting with complete privacy and no visitors”

Known as the Hedgehog – firstly for his moustache (but possibly for some other unmentionable too, he is, in his own autobiography’s title - “The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz”

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