X Factor voting figures released

Well here we are, a full three days after the X Factor final, and we're still writing about the show. How can this be? Well, some rather interesting data has been leaked (or possibly just issued by PR goons), which shows the voting patterns over the course of the series. Matt was in the lead right from the start, but intriguingly, in the semi-final where Mary was booted off the show, she actually received far more votes than Cher. And if you remember, it was a change in the rules that allowed Cher to stay. Fix!

According to The Daily Mail, who have some sort of boffin hidden in a laboratory analysing data, the stats prove that Mary should have been kept in, with Cher being given her marching orders. 'The semi-final voting pattern shows that Matt Cardle was the clear winner with more than 35 per cent of the vote, followed by Rebecca Ferguson with 26 per cent, and One Direction with 17 per cent. But Miss Byrne, 51, secured 15 per cent of the vote compared to around 11.6 per cent for Miss Lloyd.'

So what does this highly shocking information mean? Will it lead to a total overhaul of the rules, as is right and proper? Er, probably not - it is only an entertainment show after all, not the UN...

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