X Factor strife

When it comes to Simon assembling an X Factor team for the US version, we just don't know what to think, and it's ruining our life. One minute we're told that the Fox big cheeses love our Cheryl, and don't think her lilting Geordie accent is a problem, and they're on the verge of making her a megastar. Next thing you know, they hate her, or worse, don't even know who she is, and wonder why she keeps talking about having a 'pet'. Argh, it's as if these stories are leaked, day by day, in a vain bid to keep us gossiping about it...

A source told The Daily Mail,‘It was thought the American job was a done deal but it seems the U.S. executives have had a last-minute change of heart. They are now questioning whether she’s famous enough in America.’ Cheryl herself expressed doubt when interviewed on Radio 1, saying, 'They don't know me out there and I've got this weird accent. I love the thought of it and would love to do it. The talent out there is phenomenal but whether they would want me is another thing. I don't think they would get a buzz off me.'

In other faintly upsetting news, Cowell will apparently miss the live auditions for the next UK X Factor. An unrepentent minion said, ‘Simon’s biggest priority is the U.S. X Factor at the moment – he has got a lot to prove and he has to make it a hit.’

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