X Factor shake up

Congratulations Geri Haliwell and Natalie Imbruglia, it's not often that you make such an impact on a show, that bosses axe your role to prevent others following in your footsteps. Unfortunately for the pair, the reason that the X Factor 'celebrity' guest slot was axed was not down to glittering performances and killer put-downs, but rather that they were so roundly booed and jeered by a baying X Factor crowd, most celebs will rather sit in the dentist's chair for multiple extractions than stand in for Dannii.

A source close to Cowell told The Mirror, 'Simon just wants to go back to basics. This will mean the start of the show is all about the singing. The standard looks really high this year.'

Heavens, is Simon Cowell being chivalrous and diplomatic? Wonders will never cease...

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