X Factor semifinal - results

Last night's XFactor semi-finals were a mixture of drama and predictability. We all knew that if Mary found herself in the bottom two, she would ultimately be voted off the show. The judges revealed their hand earlier on in the show, telling Rebecca, Cher, Matt and One Direction that they deserved their places in the final, while telling Mary that she was merely a 'good singer', and 'wouldn't go back to Tesco's'. Hardly a ringing endorsement of the Irish balladeer.

When the results came in, Mary and Cher were forced to sing for survival. With the audience chanting Mary's name, Simon said,'This is quite straightforward. Mary I have supported you from the beginning and tonight proved what a good singer you are. Cher, I actually liked that song you just sang. It was like hearing you for the first time. The act I'm sending through to the final is Cher.' However, Mary is unlikely to head back, tail between her legs to continue her work as a check-out girl at Tesco's. Walsh confirmed, ‘Mary is on The X Factor tour and she will make an album.’

An XFactor insider said that all of the semi-finalists will make tons of dosh, 'This is the biggest shop window in Britain. We are looking at potentially five millionaires. This series has been the most popular and everyone who is left has huge followings. They all have their own appeal and quite separate fan bases.’

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