X Factor on tour

The X Factor juggernaut has once again cranked into action, with last year's hopefuls on the road, performing until everyone forgets who they are and why they were briefly famous. Of course that's not true! Cher's going to become a megastar, Matt Cardle will become the next David Grey (hmmm), and Wagner will take over the world.

In a interview to promote the tour Tesco Mary told the The Daily Mail that the girls have adapted to fame, 'Cher has become a completely different girl, she’s looking after herself now, she’s calmed down an awful lot. She still has her moments but she’s a young kid, she wants to reach for the stars, she wants it all. I don’t think the girls heard from Cheryl, Matt has heard from Dannii, I’m sure the boys have been in touch with Simon, but I know that Cheryl hasn’t been in touch with any of them.’

If you're reading this, Cheryl, drop them a postcard!

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