X Factor – lost it?

Could this be the worst X Factor ever? First we had to look on at ridiculous squabbling between the judges – a la WWF – in a shameless bid for publicity. Then the contestants failed to deliver. Not only were the final contestants either strange (we still have nightmares about that girl from Same Difference) or simply mediocre, but in a final twist now the overall result is in question.

The show has been hit by television watchdog Ofcom after viewers complained they could not vote for their favourite singer. But isn’t it poor Leon we should be thinking of?

After his shock win, you would’ve thought people would’ve been happy for him. No, no, no, boyo! Welsh radio stations are refusing to play his single because the nation is so enraged that Rhydian did not triumph. Come on, guys, give the boy a chance. If there were problems with the phones, let the officials sort it out – don’t take it out on the young hopeful. We probably won’t even remember him this time next year. Give him his 15 minutes…

If you need reminding just exactly who made it through to the finals - here are some moments from the group that is...Same Difference. We shudder at our desks in fear.

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