X Factor in peril

That 'special relationship' between the US and UK is in peril today, after Fox network's refusal to make a decision about the panel for US X Factor threatens to leave our own version with NO judges - well, apart from Louis, but he doesn't count. According to reports, Cheryl, Dermot and Simon have yet to sign contracts, as they're waiting to get the nod from our Yankee rivals.

A source told The Sun 'This is causing producers a headache as the contract process always takes some time to hammer out. ITV is pulling out all the stops to ensure Simon can do both shows, but he still hasn't agreed anything, which is frustrating. If Cheryl and Dermot also have to travel back and forth it could be tricky. The last thing they want is for any of them to pull out.'

An ITV producer last night said, through gritted teeth, 'We're excited about this year's X Factor and full details will be announced in due course.'

We have an idea - why not take Konnie instead. This way, everyone, including the British viewing public is happy. And you can have that for free, Fox honchos...

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