X Factor host Caroline Flack hits back after viewers make 'Vile' online comments about her

A few weeks ago people took to Twitter and gave out about The X Factor co-host Olly Mur’s gaffe when he accidentally announced who was being eliminated a little too early. Now it apparently is his co-host Caroline Flack’s turn to be in the spotlight.

After the show on Sunday, the ITV talent show presenter had X-Factor fans that were not impressed with her wardrobe choice that evening. Some viewers claimed that the dress was ‘unflattering’ and made her look ‘pregnant’.

She quickly responded via Twitter after the show on Sunday evening with, ‘It’s very easy to take a shot at someone online. The vile comments about my weight and just all round look tonight are quite shocking’. She also tweeted, ‘Have never said I’m the prettiest or thinnest or even anything special. But thank God I’m not horrible. Cool attitudes.’

The 36-year old from Norfolk was previously the host for The Xtra Factor from 2011-2013. Herself and Olly Murs joined The X-Factor team in August of this year.

In October of this year Caroline Flack also released her autobiography, “Storm in A C Cup”.

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