X Factor gets nasty

The new series of X Factor started last weekend, and the good news is, despite the defection of Simon, Cheryl and Dannii, it's still got legs. There was enough mediocrity, mentalness and slivers of talent to keep the show entertaining. And though Gary Barlow has been touted as the 'dad' of X Factor, fights still kicked off, aided in part by Tulisa. One particularly vicious battle erupted between the N Dubz singer and an auditionee called George, who first attempted to get on the show three years ago, in spite of a clear talent deficit.

According to The Daily Mail, after Tulisa abruptly ended the audition due to George's fog-horn bellowing, telling George, ‘Get back and stop invading my space.' George replied, ‘Why did you stop the music. Who are you? You’re just someone trying to replace Cheryl Cole. OK, I respect your opinion. Now it’s time for my opinion. You will vote...in good time. Tulisa, you’re some scumbag trying to replace Cheryl. Some scumbag from the block.'

Feisty Tulisa responded, 'We don’t have to sit here and listen to you any more, I don’t want to hear another word of it. I don't think your attitude has changed at all. You came and stood right next to me, and I felt a lot of aggression off you. You're very angry. It's not a good vibe.' Tulisa later admitted that if she wasn't a judge she would have hit the lairy auditionee, saying, 'Well, if it was 10 years ago I would have, but I'm an X Factor judge now and I'm not allowed to do things like that.'

See? X Factor; still as lairy as ever...

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