X Factor fix-gate claims another victim

X Factor hopefuls and MOR boyband 'The Mend' have been kicked off the reality TV behemoth, after concerns that their success on the show would appear 'fixed'. Their manager, Nigel Martin-Smith, used to look after a little known band called Take That.

An angry Martin-Smith told The Sun, 'This is all about Simon Cowell saving face. It's a disgrace. No one from X Factor has had anything to do with the band and Simon Cowell hasn't even met them. An X Factor spokesperson defended the decision, saying, 'It's against the rules for any act to be party to a management agreement. As The Mend are currently under a management contract they can't continue in the competition.'

While an X Factor insider added, 'If Nigel really had these boys' interests at heart he'd stop being their manager and allow them to follow their dreams on the X Factor. If the lads decided they don't want a manager any more then we would welcome them back.'

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